Book Your Child's Next Adventure


Teach our Kids Art class in your home!

Your neighborhood kids will love building a delicious textured sandwich, getting inspired by Matisse and creating their very own winter wonderland of paint and snow! Perfect for kids 2nd-5th grade.

Teach our Kids Coding class in your home!

Finally a coding class that can satisfy even the artists in your family! Our Creative Coders will use technology to create beautiful art and learn the fundamentals they need for the future. Perfect for kids 2nd-5th grade. We are developing the unique lessons now.


Teach our Kids Chef class in your home!

Our kids absolutely love all the cooking shows on TV and want to try making their own edible creations! Our Kids Chef class will use tasty recipes that delight while teaching the basic cooking skills they’ll need. Perfect for kids 2nd-5th grade. We are developing the unique lessons now.

“I love being creative and teaching children in
my neighborhood feels very meaningful.”

“Teaching makes me feel like a part of the community. It's a way that I can give back."

“This is something I can do while
my other kids are with me."

Would you lead an art, cooking or coding class in your neighborhood?

Every neighborhood deserves a class taught by talented and caring people like you. We make it easy for anyone to become an instructor by providing everything you need including training on how to run a class, easy-to-teach lessons, postcards and marketing materials to spread the word about your class and more. Interested?