Become a KinderCourse Instructor

Is there a cost to get started?

There are no upfront fees from KinderCourse to get started. The only cost is a one-time fee to GoodHire.com to perform your safety background check ($35). You’ll start earning money with the successful launch of your first class.

When can I start earning income?

Becoming an instructor can happen at any time. When training is complete, we post your classes online for the next available season – winter, spring, summer or fall.

How much effort is it to prepare for a class?

Each season you’ll receive access to 8 lesson plans for you to review. Instructors typically spend 30 mins each week getting familiar with the upcoming lesson. They also spend 15-30 minutes before class preparing the room and setting out materials. So the total weekly preparation effort will be between 45 minutes & 1 hour each week in addition to the teaching time.

What about class supplies?

We offer two options for receiving supplies. We can send you all the materials you need and will deduct $100 from your first two seasons for a total of $200. Or you can save money by purchase only those materials you need from our one-click online Amazon supply list.

What is the instructor training like?

The process is simple and supportive. Once accepted as an instructor, you will gain access to the KinderCourse community website where instructor training can begin as soon as you’d like and on your schedule. New instructor training will take you through six lessons:

Lesson 1. The Class Flow
Lesson 2. Build Social Skills
Lesson 3. Keeping Kids Safe
Lesson 4. Setting Boundaries
Lesson 5. Importance of Fun
Lesson 6. Success Checklist

We recommend dedicating an hour or two each week for three weeks to complete the quick start process of 1) getting trained, 2) making your class available online and 3) spreading the word.

What do you think?

“I love being creative and teaching children in
my neighborhood feels very meaningful.”

“Teaching makes me feel like a part of the community. It's a way that I can give back."

“This is something I can do while
my other kids are with me."

The Impact You'll Have

Give neighborhood kids access to unique and inventive children’s classes, closer to home.

Introduce kids in your neighborhood to new skills, a growth mindset, resilience and kindness that can carry them though life.

Create new personal relationships among neighbors that brings the community closer together.

Support All Along the Way

✔ Online training series to get your started!
✔ High quality, step-by-step lessons for your class
✔ Training on how to spread the word
✔ Templates for email, social media and other promotions
✔ Online class scheduling & payment
✔ Online and phone support
✔ Did we mention the FREE t-shirt, Postcards and Car Magnet?!