Become a KinderCourse Instructor

What is KinderCourse?

KinderCourse is flexible business for stay-at-home moms that you can start today. We offer a simple way to earn extra income by hosting unique children’s classes in your home. We provide everything you need to get started and keep teaching. If you have a talent in art, cooking, coding – this is for you!

What experience do I need?

You don’t need any formal teaching experience to be a successful instructor. You simply need a passion for the topic and natural ability to connect with kids and adults.

Is the work flexible?

Yes, you choose the day and time for your classes. You can offer your class during the daytime for homeschool students or after-school for children in traditional school. Because classes are held at home, your own children can participate in class for free!

What classes are available to teach?


Adventure Art

K-5th grade


Creative Coding

K-5th grade


Kid Chefs

K-5th grade

What can I earn as a KinderCourse Instructor?

KinderCourse instructors can earn between $300 and $850 for each 8 week class they offer based on the number of students that attend. Many instructors choose to offer multiple classes in a season and continue to host all four seasons in a calendar year. Instructors who host three classes with 8 students on average can earn $10,250 each year.

What do you think so far?

“I love being creative and teaching children in
my neighborhood feels very meaningful.”

“Teaching makes me feel like a part of the community. It's a way that I can give back."

“This is something I can do while
my other kids are with me."

The Impact You'll Have

Give neighborhood kids access to unique and inventive children’s classes, closer to home.

Introduce kids in your neighborhood to new skills, a growth mindset, resilience and kindness that can carry them through life.

Create new personal relationships among neighbors that brings the community closer together.

Support All Along the Way

✔ Online training series to get your started!
✔ High quality, step-by-step lessons for your class
✔ Training on how to spread the word
✔ Templates for email, social media and other promotions
✔ Online class scheduling & payment
✔ Online and phone support
✔ Did we mention the FREE t-shirt, Postcards and Car Magnet?!