Help for Parents

Refunds & Credits

In the event that a student can no longer attend a class the following policy applies:

Student drops out before the second class

Parents who request un-enrollment before the second lesson are eligible for a refund of the cost paid, less 15% registration and processing fees.

Student drops out after the second class

Parents who request un-enrollment after the second lesson are eligible for a refund of 40% of the cost of remaining sessions.

Student drops out after missing classes

Because enrollment without attendance takes a spot that another family might have filled, and class costs are incurred for each enrolled student (including materials, processing fees, and compensation for our neighborhood teachers), we are unable to provide refunds or adjustments for unattended lessons after a class has ended.

Refunds / Credits

Any refunds made will be posted to the original form of payment, and, depending on your financial institution, may take 5-10 days to be reflected in your account after processing.

My child missed a class

At KinderCourse, we encourage families to plan to attend every week. For this reason, we do not prorate class costs, or offer future season credits/refunds based on missed sessions.

If you are away, kids are sick, or the planets simply don’t align one day and you miss a KinderCourse class, we welcome you to make up that session with another neighborhood teacher. Families can attend up to two sessions per season as make-ups within that season.

Makeup sessions are subject to availability. In order to request a makeup session, please reach out directly to the neighborhood teacher whose class you’d like to attend to confirm whether they can accommodate you and your child.

My child came to class sick

Health and safety are very important at KinderCourse. While we know children sometimes get the sniffles, if you child arrives at class sick, the teacher will determine whether or not it is safe for them to stay in class. Your child is eligible to makeup the class with another KinderCourse teacher, if space is available.

I was late to pick up or drop off

We ask that parents respect the time of the teacher and pickup their child within 15 minutes of the end of class. Parents who arrive more than 15 minutes late but less than 1 hour will incur a $15 fee. Parents who arrive more than 1 hour late or are repeatedly late to pickup may be asked to leave the course at the discretion of the teacher. If asked to leave, parents will not be reimbursed for any remaining classes.

Photos of my child taken during class

Photos taken during a KinderCourse class may be shared with parents and caregivers in that class. In general, KinderCourse does not share photos publicly. If a certain photo is exemplary of a certain activity, KinderCourse may select that photo to become part of the web page that documents that activity. Children’s names or locations are never associated with photos when shared this way.

From time to time, KinderCourse may want to use a photograph taken in class to promote the idea of learning on our website or in other materials/media. To do so, the parent of the child in the photo will be contacted to first give permission. Parents often choose to share pictures of their kids at play with KinderCourse across social media, as they do with many other kids activities. Those choices are up to the individual parent.

When parents register for a KinderCourse class, they agree to the use of photos as we describe in our Terms of Service. Parents can always choose whether or not to share their own photos with us. If parents ever have questions or concerns about the way KinderCourse uses a photo, they can contact us at support@KinderCourse.com.