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(MIAMI, FL. – January 6, 2020)  KinderCourse is a new online platform, offering stay-at-home moms the opportunity to run their own flexible business, hosting children’s classes. All the necessary training is provided by KinderCourse with no upfront fees, all that’s needed is a passion and interest in teaching; art, cooking or coding.

Once qualified, moms can enjoy a side-income working flexible hours from the comfort of their home. The earning potential ranges from $300 to $850, for each eight-week class hosted.

Providing fun activities in local settings, it also aims to build communities, offering a close and convenient option for families to participate.

Sarah Blecher, founder and CEO of KinderCourse, said; “Only 65 percent* of mothers with young children are in work. One of the biggest barriers is the lack of flexible working opportunities available. KinderCourse is ideal for stay-at-home moms who want to generate an income without compromising on precious family time.”

“It also addresses the growing need for convenience on your doorstep. One of the main reasons I set up this business was to make children’s classes more accessible and personable to parents. KinderCourse also helps moms build friendships with others in their community and gives stay-at-home moms meaningful work that improves their community.”

Focusing on practical and creative interests, courses are designed for second to fifth grade students. Instructors have the flexibility to choose the day and time they host classes, to work around their busy schedules. There’s no limit to how much, or little work, instructors undertake. A typical instructor who hosts three classes per season, with eight students per class, can earn $10,250 annually.

Over six sessions, KinderCourse’s bespoke instructor training program covers all the basics needed for running a class with confidence. This includes; class flow, building social skills, safeguarding, the importance of fun, and a success checklist.

  • Some of the benefits of KinderCourse, include:
  • Supports flexible working – parents choose their own hours
  • Simple way to earn money (up to $10,250 annually)
  • Helps the local community with accessible neighborhood classes
  • Provides rewarding work that teaches children new skills, a growth mindset, resilience and kindness
  • Moms can build friendships with other parents in the local area
  • Instructor’s children can attend classes for free, since they’re held at home

For more information, or to sign-up, please visit: kindercourse.com. You can also follow @kindercourse on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Notes to Editors:

  • There are no upfront costs to sign-up. However, approved candidates will need to pay a standard $35 fee, for background checks in order to work with minors.
  • KinderCourse is available for both moms and dads to register. However, there’s a greater focus on mothers, since there’s more moms out of work.
  • KinderCourse is a flexible business for stay-at-home moms. It’s a simple way to earn an extra income by hosting children’s classes in your home. It was launched by Mom of two, Sarah Blecher in 2020. She came up with the idea after spending much of her free time shuttling her daughter to classes across the city. She also noticed that classes lacked a sense of community and belonging, inspiring Sarah to create a community-based learning system, for two to fifth grade students. Prior to setting up KinderCourse, Sarah worked in digital production for a number of leading New York agencies. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University.

For further information, or press interviews please contact:
Sarah Blecher, Founder/CEO KinderCourse, sarah@kindercourse.com



* In 2018, the labor force of mothers with children under six was 65 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.