This project is so simple yet so colorful. All you need for this project is construction paper, washable paint, paint brush, and masking tape.


Give your child a piece of white construction paper that is 12 x 18” and roll of masking tape.


Help your child tape a 1/2 inch border around the edge of the paper. Then ask them to tape across the paper in random way. Model what this looks like on your own piece of paper. When finished check their taped paper. Is the tape tight enough to the page? Do you like the lines and shapes the tape creates?


Now that you have your paper taped it is time to paint. Paint each section a new color. Try to stay in the lines you created using tape. Remember that you can mix white or black paint with any color this will create a new shade of the color. When finished… don’t take the tape off, we still need to splatter paint!


After your child has painted each section and there is no unpainted paper they can splatter paint. Black paint works best. Dip paint brush in black paint, hold the paintbrush over the paper students just painted. With a popsicle stick in one hand the paintbrush in the other, hold the popsicle stick on top of the paintbrush and swipe down allowing the paint to splatter on the paper.


After you have painted and splattered your entire paper CAREFULLY peel off the tape. This works best if the paint hasn’t dry yet. Peal off the tape slowly so that the paper doesn’t tear. If the paper does tear and it might, tell your child that the tear adds to the uniqueness of their piece.


Encourage your child to paint the sections a single color, multiple colors or add patterns to make the shapes more exciting. Let them be creative, this is their project!

Splatter painting is messy, the kids will love it:) You may want to consider doing this outside or cover the ground and possibly any walls that are close with an old sheet or paper and have this be your designated area for splatter paint.