Teacher FAQS

Is there a registration fee?

No. There is no registration fee from Kindercourse to get started but you will need to pay for your background check from GoodHire.com at a cost of $35.

Do I need to pay for supplies?

Yes. KinderCourse provides a detailed list of art supplies required each season. Some of the supplies you are likely to have around the house like scissors, glues, etc. Other supplies can be used over and over again like table clothes, bowls, etc. And some supplies need to be replenished like paper and paint. For a teacher starting their first season, you can expect to spend $150 on initial supplies and $25 in additional supplies each season for three seasons. Over the course of the year the teacher with one class of 8 kids would earn $2,664 and spend approximately $225 in supplies.

How much can I earn from teaching?

KinderCourse receives a portion of the enrollment fees for you class depending on how often you teach each season. Offering one class each season for 8 students would result in $666* per season or $2,664* per year.
As a neighborhood teacher you may offer more than one class per season. By teaching two classes per season, you could earn in $6,448* and three classes per season could earn you $10,296*. See the ‘How It Works‘ page for a better overview of the earning potential of teaching each season.
* Exact earnings dependent on number of classes held, students enrolled, credit card fees required and cost of art supplies.

When can I host my class?

You can choose the time and day of the week for your class. There are lots of home and flexible school parents looking for more children’s classes during the day and traditional school parents looking for classes between the end of the school day and dinner time.

Do I need extra insurance?

First it’s important to understand that accidents rarely happen. When they do, your homeowners insurance would typically cover any accidents that occur in your home to visitors through no fault of your own. For those who need more comfort, additional “general liability” insurance can be purchased for self-employed tutors between $175-$350 a year for up to $1,000,000 in coverage.

Am I an employee of KinderCourse?

No. You are not an employee of KinderCourse. We provide professional services to independent teachers so you would need to file the appropriate taxes at the end of each year.